Sunday, December 27, 2009

The dry spell...

When we put the Orchard to rest for the winter I really felt like I didn't have anything to write about anymore. So I stopped writing- then one day when talking to a family member about this, she got after me and said," you need to write everyday!". I laughed and shrugged it off as nonsense, write everyday, come on, that is nuts, I couldn't possibly think of enough stuff to write about every day.
Then I really thought about it. My life matters- everyday! Even the little stuff matters and quite grateful for it frankly-after all if it was BIG stuff all the time that couldn't be good! I have resolved to look for something good to write about every day, not that I will actually write everyday, but looking for the good stuff along the way and sharing it with you all when I can.
Today's good stuff came from home and followed me to church. Kasey and Natti and Jaqai spent the night last night. We stayed up too late playing games, visiting, and laughing. So with my game night "hangover" I dragged myself and the kids to church. We had a new family in our ward that talked about truth, family and personal revelation! Now don't those things all go perfectly together? It was an amazing spiritual meeting and just what the soul needed! Of course it made me reflect on my own family and the season that brings us all together!
I think I might just make it through the week!

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