Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Hand prints on my heart...

When I had my first baby, I remember my Mother saying to me, "Did you ever think you could love someone so much?". I thought how could this be? How is it possible to love this baby so much and what will I do when I have another, there is no way I could love two as much as I love this one.
As it happened, as each child came, I was surprised to find that the capacity for love is never ending, in fact often times its overflowing.
Now my kids are growing, and I find myself in a new place. I wondered when I found out our first grand baby was coming- where will I find the love to give this baby? At that moment I felt a tug on my heart and I knew that she was mine to love. She picked me, she picked our family, and my heart overflows.
On Mothers Day I was given a gift, a new grand baby in December. Again I felt that tug with in my chest, like the whisper of a tiny little hand that has brushed by my heart on its way to settle beneath it's mothers. This baby is already loved...for its hand print is left on my heart.


  1. You have a gift with words! I love you so much Jeri. Thanks for being such a loving mother and grandmother!

  2. I would second Nattilees thoughts. You are a great writer and a wonderful mother and grandmother and sister -in -law.