Sunday, January 31, 2010

Farmin' Gal in the office...

So I decided to go out into the workin' world and see what it is all about. My brother Jake owns an accounting office and asked for some extra help for the tax season. I thought that sounded pretty interesting, I haven't really technically worked out side the home for many, many years. I have done some substitute teaching over that last couple of years and really enjoyed it, but when my kids moved out of the school district to a charter school, I decided I didn't want to do that any more.
So I thought I would share with you some of my experiences in the office! Jake has been very patient and understanding in knowing that it has been a few years, and I needed some refreshing. Now keep in mind, if this was how to grow a champion zuchinni squash, I am your gal.. but computers.. not in my area of comfort or expertese. The first day Jake lines me out doing some simple printing of documents off excell.. and then he and Amy head to lunch. Well guess who forgot to tag "area only" BEFORE I pressed print. yes, I was printing 3,586 blank copies. I was so embarassed I didn't dare say anything to my dear co-worker Mary. After about 300 pages and my face flaming red I ask Mary for help. She didn't know how to stop the process as everything is networked together. So even more humiliating... I call Doug.. that is so eating crow!!! I knew he would be able to help as he is much more computer savy than myself. He told me exactly what to do and saved me a lot of time and even more embarassement from having to face Jake. He even didn't make me feel too silly. I think he was probably shaking his head at me, at least that was the impression I got over the phone!
So, a couple of days later the mailman comes bouncing in the office and says ( rather loudly, I might add), "who forgot to put the stamps on the mail"! Oh well, I would guess that was me, since I was responsible for sending out the new marketing mailers, 4 letters out of 500 is not too bad until the next day when I got a handful more... did I mention how patient and kind Jake and Amy have been. I have hung up on countless clients in trying to figure out the phone system, thank heavens they have all called back,forgot the zipcode on same said mailers, only catching it after mailing over 100, GOOD GRIEF!!! Thanks goodness I am not the one in charge of the actual tax filing!! Over all I am learning the ropes and can now actually manage the phones.. except for the other day when I had a call transferred back to me, that NEVER happens and I didn't know how to pick up on my end, fortunately- they called back!!
Over all I am really enjoying the work. It is a busy office this time of year and there is plenty to do. Don't worry though- after April 15th I will be back in the feild where I belong, pruning trees and wondering how many tomato plants to plant this year!!

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