Monday, February 1, 2010


Ok- just to give you an idea of what kind of children we have around this place, I am going to share the events of just one relaxing Sunday night. We had all the kids here, even the married's, it was about 8ish in the evening and Doug and I had just settled in our fav spot on the couch to watch some Sunday night TV. Our three oldest were acting a little suspicious, but really that was nothing new, I usually find out about "whatever" a few days later. This night, however, Doug and I were totally side swiped when all of a sudden everything went black, those little stinkers had people posted at every light switch and TV set so that when the signal was given all lights went out all at once! Doug and I were just about to ask what in the world is going on when one of the girls (yes, occasionally we have girls here) punched Doug on the shoulder and yelled TAG YOUR IT!!! Apparently we were now playing a crazy game of "Hide and Go Seek"... in the dark! We were not given the option of playing or not, we WERE playing.
So here are the rules, all lights are off and the "Seeker" carries a flashlight to find the hiders. The "Seeker" counts to 50 to let everyone gets good and hidden and then the hunt begins. So if you can picture in your head all 12 of us sneaking around the house avoiding the seeker- it was hilarious! Cache dressed up in fatigues and even had face paint, Kasey shimmied himself into the laundry shoot, Jo slithered and contorted himself into a tiny area behind a bench in the basement. The girls were the easiest to find as all you had to do was follow the giggling, I admit I was guilty of a random giggle myself.
We spent 3 hours playing and finally had to call it quits as it was a school night and all. It was one of the funnest nights ever, not to mention a memory that will last forever! We have had a few "Hide and Seek" nights since and each time the boys get more creative, I think they spend a lot of time between games thinking of new hiding spots!! One night Doug and I came home late from a meeting and all the lights were out in the house.. which is a rarity around this place... I told Doug," those little stinkers are playing hide and seek with out us"!!! We love our crazy family!!

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