Wednesday, April 21, 2010

The sweet smell of SPRING...

I am soooo excited to be back outside!!! Winters are so long for me. The last two weekends I have been pruning our fruit trees, Jakes fruit trees, and longingly looking at any who's haven't been done yet and admiring the ones that have. I know I am crazy, but I love it! I love the smell of the earth after winter has settled on it and spring has thawed it all out. I love seeing the shape of the tree come to life and imagine how it will look when the blossoms burst and the leaves fill in the gaps! I think this crazy behavior has rubbed off on my kids cuz this morning Chance says," Hey Mama, did you know the cherry trees at the orchard and the plum trees in the creek have blossomed?", could I be more proud? I think not!!
I am almost giddy thinking about getting the garden ready this weekend. I hope the weather cooperates, if not-no worries, we need the moisture and who says the garden has to be on time every year? I have already purchased the pea seeds, corn and potato. I keep my garden gloves in my car just in case the mood strikes me, I can be ready at a moments notice.
I love being outside, I love hiking up the canyon, I love having my hands in the dirt, I love the smell of morning! I love picking the weeds out of our new grass growing, I love sitting on my porch listening to the sprinklers or rain while reading a good book. Those are the best moments that winter has kept from me. I love SPRING...

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