Friday, April 2, 2010

Just Breathe...

So I was recently reading an article on Women in their 40's, relating to weight loss. One interesting point it mentioned was that for the majority of women in their 40's, this is the most stressful time in there lives. I attribute this to having teenagers, but for whatever reason, us ladies don't breathe!
Apparently, when feeling stressed we take shallow breaths rather than breathing deeper like we did in our youth. It also mentioned that we should allow ourselves at least 1 hour a day and a 1/2 a day a WEEK!! This was suggested to help reduce our stress level.
SOooo... I have been focusing on my breathing when I am working out and any ole time I give it a thought, I try to take in some extra long breaths, walking outside and opening windows around you were also suggested. As far as the Mommy time outs go... they haven't happened yet, but I do have fun thinking about what I would do.
1. I could spend the entire time in my sewing room.
2. Reading. Yes for an entire 1/2 day!
3. Go on a hike with a book and a lunch.
4. Spend some time at the Temple.. just thinkin about stuff.
I think my list could go on and on....
I found the article really quite interesting and just thought I would share- so until next time... just Breathe!

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