Sunday, September 12, 2010

Easter Escapades...

Easter this year was just sort of a crazy day. It began the night before when the "Easter Bunny" proceeded to hide the bunny baskets. I (ahem... the Easter Bunny) only had 3 to hide this year,and honestly I was feeling a bit weary about the whole thing, the bunny is gettin' tired! But alas, I set out to do my task and I ran into my 18 year old(go figure- I don't know why I was surprised to see him at 11:56pm, that is SOOO past my bedtime). Then the idea struck me- why not let him hide the 2 baskets and I will just have to hide his and job will be done and done! Smashing idea, he thought that was great fun and I thought of the perfect hiding place for his and it worked out wonderfully... until- the next morning the little guys got right up and went about finding their baskets and enjoyed the fruits of their labors by feeding their sugar high before breakfast! About 11ish my 18 year old drags himself outta bed and I see he is rootin' around for some grub, and I say to him"Ceeb,(cuz thats what I like to call him) you should go find your Easter basket". Then I scream "OH CRAP"! and run to the laundry because some idiot put in a load of muddy clothes into the wash FORGETTING that the perfect place to hide an Easter basket is IN the empty washing machine!!! UUGH!!!
I am just wondering... can the Easter Bunny get fired? Oh brother!!
The rest of the day was wonderful- it was conference day so we vegged in front of the Tv listening and learning and loving our time together. Later, lots (and I mean LOTS) of friends and family came for a humongus Easter egg hunt. We ended up being in the house as it was snowing and muddy outside. We had a family from Koltens mission come be with us and it was so fun to visit with them, I hope we didn't scare them away forever!

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