Wednesday, October 14, 2009

Man Cave...

"The Man Cave" was created several weeks ago when my 17 year old Cache and his buddy Dalton were in a creative mood and decided to design a space of their own! Above our detached garage there is an open space that we have always called the "loft". We didn't really use the space other than to store a few odd and end things. Cache and Dalton cleared out the room, managed to find some old recliners (as a couch wouldn't fit through the door), a big screen TV that they kifed from Elder Connor Englands bedroom ( he is currently serving a mission in Australia), a sweet surf board coffee table that Dalton's mom donated and a plethera of other stuff that I don't want to know where it came from.
Cache and his pal's ( including brothers Jo and Kasey) enjoy hanging out and not worrying about girl stuff, meaning mostly Mom bugging them. I think I need to interject a reminder here, that I am the only girl that lives here right now, if you ask me the whole freakin' house is a "Man Cave"!!(excuse my language). We have strict man cave rules- NO girls allowed- except Mom and if there are girls that are friends who contact the Mom and want to "tour" the man cave ... like with TP or spray string or some thing else girly... they are encouraged to do so and I will be happy to take them up there any time. NO one is allowed under 16 as Dalton just turned 16 and he is the youngest Man Cave member. NO illegal or inappropriate behavior allowed- as this would deem the Man Cave CLOSED forever!! So far they are OK with the rules. I don't know how long this will last, and then its a trip back to the DI to return all the acquired decor!!
Heaven Help Me!!!
* Note- the above pictures are Cache and Dalton jammin' in the Man Cave, Creepy Bob Marley looking out the Man Cave window!

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  1. Haha! That is awesome! That's funny, no one under 16. Do Jaxson and Chance feel left out?