Tuesday, February 9, 2010

Finding my "Best Self"...

There has been some contention in the home the last little while and it is making me crazy. Of course it is everyone Else's fault and as soon as "they" realize that -I am sure everything will be back to normal. So in the midst of one of these late night contentious episodes the thought came to me... "YOU are not being your best self"... UUUGGH!!! It was absolutely true, I definitely was not being my best self, then I thought about myself wishing everything to be back to "normal"... I am not sure if "normally" I am my best self. I have been mulling this over for a couple of days I decided that I am now on a quest to find my best self.
The first steps... I must work on my relationship with my Heavenly Father. I KNOW that he is there, but he needs to know that I am here! Yes, Doug and I have our evening prayers and we have family prayer, but my personal prayers need to be more consistent and meaningful. A week ago Sunday I was frantically looking for my church bag with my scriptures in it. I found it finally, in the car, where I left it the last Sunday... I was sooo ashamed, I had gone the entire week with out studying, meditating and generally being my best self with my Savior. I vowed that day- that it would never happen again. The next week I did a bit better and this week I hope to do even better.
Step two... Move my body. I know that I feel better about everything when I move my body. I need to better resolve to take care of my body that our Heavenly Father has blessed me with. How ungrateful I have been the last few years in not taking care of my body. I am so blessed to have a body that moves and is healthy and allows me to take care of my family. So in my quest to find my best self this will require me to be aware of what I put in my body and move it everyday to clear the cobwebs and keep the ol' hinges from gettin' all cricked up!
Step three... Daily Action. Everyday is different, but I want to push myself in this endeavor, so instead of coming up with an overwhelming list of things to do all at once, I want to try to add a "Daily Action" to my plan. This way-hopefully- I will gradually add the things in my life that will help keep me in the direction of my best self. So today's "Daily Action" is inspired by a blurb I saw on TV this morning at the gym. A cupcake shop was being featured on one of the local news stations and they were giving out free cupcake coupons for anyone they caught doing a kind deed for someone else. I thought what a great idea! Obviously I can't go around handing out free cupcake coupons ( I don't think Nightime Doughnuts would appreciated my kind endeavors) but I am really going to try to be aware of the kind things going on around me. I have some ideas in my head and I will let you know tomorrow how it all turns out.
I would like to invite any who are up to the challenge of finding their own "Best Self" to join me in my quest! Share your own thoughts and stories to help us all keep motivated... until tomorrow... just keep swimming, swimming, swimming! I love that little Dori!!!

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  1. Just what I needed, I have been thinking the same things!