Friday, February 12, 2010

Today's "Best"...

Things learned from yesterday's "Best Self" challenge... I MUST go to bed when it is my bedtime. I decided that it is better to go to bed rather than fight with my "grumpy self" cuz "grumpy self" spreads itself around the whole house real fast!!

Lesson two- while looking for my "Best Self", I need to realize that those small changes all add up and try not to beat myself up over the stuff I am still working on!

Lesson three- while trying to be my "Best Self" to one person, might make myself grumpy towards someone else.. example- while delivering newspapers with Chance and Jaxon, I like to deliver one to my Dad, I thought he might enjoy reading the paper at home- it is only two blocks off the route and when I turned the truck up that way the boys really started whining that we were now taking way too long and whine, whine, whine.... !!! Ugh! So I learned that sometimes it IS your best self to make your kids whine once in awhile!!!

Today's "Best" breakfast- Cherry Almond Oatmeal- yummy! I chopped some dried cherries, crushed some almonds and added both to my regular bowl of oatmeal. "D'lish"! Today's health challenge- homemade yogurt! I love plain yogurt, it is a good way to use all the yummy fruit from the orchard. I haven't found a store bought plain that is not grainy. I will let you know how it turns out.

Today's Daily Action- to actually get in my daily scripture study. The boys were out of school today and how easy it is for me to get off my schedule! The day is not over and I have every hope of getting the good stuff into my head before I go to bed!

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  1. Jeri, as always you are an inspiration to me. I am surprised to hear that you are not your best self so that makes me think I really have a lot of work to do. I am going to get on board with your challenge hopefully it helps me and those around me. Also, studio 5 did a segment on yogurts but I can't remember the best ones they recommended. Greek God yogurt was one but there were two others. maybe if your homemade yogurt doesn't work for you you could check out studio 5?