Tuesday, September 1, 2009

The apple doesn't fall far from the tree...

I thought I would try my hand at blogging... everyone is doing it right? A little about myself first- I am a small town girl, small meaning Delta Utah small... actually even smaller I lived seven miles west of Delta in an area called Sutherland. This is even smaller than Delta, I don't think it is even a town. I was raised on a dairy farm with a mom and dad and SEVEN younger brothers! I am not sure how many cows but at the time it seemed like a lot. We always had a dog and the earliest memory of this was a lovely mutt named Rufus- Where the name came from I couldn't even begin to imagine. A remember making weed forts, swimming in the irrigation canal (GROSS) and jumping off the haystacks... and getting into trouble for it if Dad caught us. It was a great way to be raised, we worked hard, played hard and fought hard! But I never, never, never wanted to be a farmer, I never thought I would have ALL boys, and I never thought that in order to raise them up learning how to work we would end up purchasing a small piece of property with an established apple orchard on it!!! Oh Boy- it is the thing I love the most and the thing that can frustrate me beyond good language!!! Our family... meaning my grown up family consists of a mom (me) and a dad (Doug) and SIX sons (Kasey, Jordon, Kolten, Cache, Chance- who was meant to be our LAST chance for a girl, and Jaxon), since our initial brood we have added two sweet daughter-in-laws (Natti and Amanda) and two of the cutest grandkids you have ever seen (Jaqai and Ellie) we have a dog named Buster, 4 goats, Gooner (who we sold and was returned for bad behavior!) Gertie, sort of Gooners wife, GiGi- the baby, and Xavier the new male goat. We have 14 laying hens - these are the only animals that I will claim as my own and 4 roosters that will be in the freezer soon. In the pasture we have four cows, T-bone, Cheeseburger, Porterhouse and Tenderloin. We bought the property without knowing what we were doing... and we still don't! Somethings work and somethings don't, but the journey has been amazing (and often humorous ), I thought it would be fun to keep sort of a journal on the orchard happenings along with the happenings in our ever changing family... more on both.

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