Monday, September 14, 2009

In the hive....

This is a picture of Chance and Jaxon dressed to smoke the Bees. Jaquai is cheering them on!
We have a neighbor who is a bee keeper. He asked if he could put a couple of hives down at the orchard. Of course we said yes- it has been something that I have been thinking about for awhile but didn't know enough to actually do it. This way we get to see how it is all done and see if we want to venture out on our own someday.
Chance and Jaxon were thrilled as well. They had taken a tour of a honey shop here in town for scouts and thought that it was some pretty cool stuff. They have even helped smoke the hives to check on the bees. I love having the bees there.
They pretty much mind their own business, if you get close enough you can hear them busy at work. Its like hearing the washing machine going- there is work happening without actually having to do anything. I contribute this years bountiful harvest to the bees, they have pollinated and sweetened our fruits and veggies to overflowing. We have had plenty for us and then some to share. Our bee keeping neighbor- who happens to be our Home Teacher- dropped off some of this years honey yesterday- YUMMMY! It tastes just like summer!

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