Thursday, September 3, 2009

Two little "Quackers"...

I forgot to mention our two free range ducks at the orchard. Chance and Jaxon used their own money to purchase these baby ducks in the spring. I even thought they were pretty cute, however they grew FAST and the expression "ugly duckling" I think comes from ducklings hitting puberty! Now they are full grown the boys like to chase them down and put them in the water trough for a swim. Jaxon looks every day for eggs- we think they are old enough to lay, but where we don't know. I think one day we are going to find a stock pile of eggs in some dark corner, ages old- uugh! This morning the ducks were playing in the neighbors sprinklers that were over spraying onto our property, I asked Jaxon what they named the ducks anyway... his reply, " Albert and Gus". Yes- they're female!! Those funny, funny little quackers- Chance and Jaxon!

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