Wednesday, September 9, 2009

Under the Bartlett...

My baby brother Chris decided it would be a great fun to have a family cookout at the Orchard for Labor Day. Turns out, he was right. Keep it simple, is my living motto these days. I brought the hot dog fixin's and everyone else brought somethin' to go with. Easy enough.
We pulled the picnic tables under the Bartlett tree and threw up our camp chairs. Now we could set back and watch the cousins do their "cousining", this is my favorite part. We had Jake and his three girls, Brittany, Megan, and Jamie ( who won't move from Grandmas lap). Josh and his two, Kristine and Joe Ryan. Bill and Danielle and their kids, Isabelle, Brooke and Ian. Nick and Kelli and their two boys, Luke and Scotty. Chris and Darcy and their brood, Toby, Teagan, and Tucker (who also shared Grandmas lap). Of course we had our "home" crowd, Doug, myself, Cache, Trevor, Chance and Jaxon. I do believe a couple of neighbor kids found their way in as well. As you can see there was plenty of cousining to be done.
They had fun picking apples and feeding them to the neighbors horses. Chasing the roosters. Metal detecting (thanks Uncle Josh), climbing trees, and a semi rough game of football. The biggest treasure find was when a group of cousins came running into the orchard from the barn holding two duck eggs!! Yes, we found Albert and Gus' secret laying spot. Out back behind the barn we have an old feeding trough for the cows that is not being used right now. One of those small little cousins got themselves down low enough to look underneath and there found the treasure! It caused quite a ruckus and you would have thought it was the goose that laid the golden egg!
Things settled down and 'smores were being made, I looked at the family around me in my favorite little spot in the whole world, my heart was content.

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