Sunday, September 6, 2009

Rusty Hinges...

This weekend Doug and I headed out to the "4th Annual Adult 4-Wheeling Trek" (adult- meaning no kids allowed). These fabulous weekends are hosted by Kent and Heather (My brother and sweet wife). They lure us down to this charming town in mid Utah by reserving rooms at "The Old Pine Inn". This is an absolutely quaint little B&B that was built over 100 years ago. Every year the place settles a bit and adds more and more character as the years go by. Doug and I were lying in our bed last trip and we could see a 2 inch wedge that had been added to the door because our room literally sloped downhill. This year they have placed blocks of wood beneath one set of claw feet on the tub. This is in one of the two bathrooms that are shared by the entire 2 floor, I think there are eight rooms on this level. Only one of bathroom doors will shut all the way, you truly have to be good friends to stay there! If you aren't when you get there, you are when you leave, and that what makes these trips so stinkin' fun!

Doug and I arrived at dinner time Friday night. Everyone was already gathered on the porch waiting for us to go eat. We hopped right on the 4-wheelers and headed to a small ranch north of town.There we got in line for a chuck wagon dinner, while various guests were serenading us with some fairly decent country karaoke. The food was great, we met some new friends from Mesquite NV, Bob and Joycelyn. They are friends of Kents mission companion Steve. Also Kent and Heather conned their Bishop (Allen) into joining us and he brought his wife Connie. So all total, Kent, Heather, Allen, Connie, Bob, Joycelyn, Steve, LuAnn, Jake, Amy, Doug and Myself. It is so fun to meet new friends!

After dinner we decided that a short night right would be just the ticket, so we rode from our Inn to "Hoovers not Hooters" for some ice cream. We only had one small mishap when Jake's 4-wheeler started spewing oil everywhere!! It turned out to be a loose oil cap that we quickly tightened down and continued on our way.

The next day we decided to meet after breakfast- Jake made Amy, Doug and I a hearty breakfast fare consisting of, eggs, hash browns, and bacon. YUM! We stayed with Jake and Amy in their trailer this year because- no room at the Inn!! After this we met up with the "Inn" crowd and headed out for the trail. I will sum up the day as follows... Start point- Marysville 8:30 am.... lunch- Beaver 2:00 pm.... Dinner- Marysville 9:30 pm and 120 miles later!! We looked like a bunch of happy raccoons, we were caked with dirt, a little red from the sun and ALOT sore from the ride!! Doug and I had to leave after dinner to head home, we were sorry to leave our new friends,and the old ones too, and sorry to miss another two days of funness on the Piaute trail system! I wondered on the way home, while wishing for some heavy duty ibuprofen, that maybe my hinges are getting a bit too rusty for these sort of adventures.... naaw... see ya all next year, until then... HAPPY TRAILS!

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