Wednesday, September 9, 2009

News from the feild...

Our 19 year old son, Kolten, is currently serving an LDS mission in Tacoma Washington. He is able to email us once a week, I thought I would share his funny little letters. We are so very proud of him and are amazed everyday with the blessings that have been ever abundant because of his service and sacrifices.

hey mom im doing good. this week was probably the most stressfull week of my life we had to work with three people so that they can get baptized. they were supposed to get baptized on sunday but someone told them that they will go to hell if they sin after they get baptized.then they were going to get baptized yesterday but our bishop and ward mission leader didnt want to do it because of family night. we are trying to get them baptized tonight. so far they are doing good. we are going to fill the font for the 3rd time this week, right after this. so its pretty stressfull around here but hopefully i will get you some pictures of us in white soon. its good to hear that jordon is an elder now, and they can go through the temple soon. so i better get some pictures! i havent got pictures in a while and i gave you guys alot of pictures so you need to start sending me some. also i was wandering if you could get my priesthood line of authority from dad. it will be good to have along with my patriarical blessing. well i have to go get these people baptized now so i better go, ilove you. bye.

Some of those amazing blessings are- Kasey and Natti being sealed in the Temple July 18th 2009, Jordon being ordained an Elder last Sunday and will be taking his family to be sealed in the Temple next month. Having a missionary in the field... having all my children but one ( cuz he is too young) in the Temple. There are so many others, some to share and some that are so special I keep them in my heart. Amazing---life is good!

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