Monday, September 14, 2009

more news from the feild...

It is the highlight of my Monday to recieve my missionary mail... enjoy!

hey mom im doing good here in tacoma. about the baptisms they finally got baptized on tuesday they would've got baptized on monday but our ward mission leader thinks that family night is more important. oh well im just glad that they got baptized on tuesday or else i know that they wouldn't have been baptized at all. because on wednesday they both decided to look on the internet to learn more about our church. they looked on all the wrong websites, so we had alot of explaining to do. they are good now and we are hopefully going to baptize one of thier moms this week. so i am putting together a picture book of all my baptisms so if you could print out the ones that ive sent home already and send them back to me that would be good. also feel free to send some pictures of the family. also i want to see how the yard is doing. when is jordon and amanda going through the temple? it would be cool to get some pictures of that too. im way excited for them. oh and some pictures of ellie too. all the pictures of home that i had i sent home on that memory card. hopefully i will be able to send home the other memory card soon. i was wandering if you had the movie 'prophet of the restoration' its the hour and a half restoration movie that they show in the visitors center in salt lake. if you guys dont have it, then i have a copie that you guys can have. i was told that it isnt going to come out on video. but once upon a time a general authority brought a copy to our mission president, and a missionary got a hold of it and now everyone has a copy. so if you guys want a copy then i have one for you. oh and your cousin nathan mitchell is in it.its about time the daltons write me i havent heard from them yet. i know that cody leaves soon. thats probably pretty exciting. well i better get back to work now. love you bye.

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  1. That's really cool that he got to babtize some people! Sounds like he's having a good time!

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